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  • dramatic DANCEy Dance (2021)

    dramatic DANCEy Dance (2021)

    Dramatic DANCEy Dance

  • Yassify Bear

    Yassify Bear

    Definition of “Yassifivation“: “the action of making someone or something more fab, more girl boss, more yasss”

  • Mirror Mirror (2021)

    Mirror Mirror (2021)

    “Mirror Mirror” (2021) is an immersive video installation that explores the themes of embodiment, self-reflection, mirroring, and the distortion of form that arises from the interplay between the digital realm and reality. Through the use of 3D animation, 3D scanning, and motion capture, this installation examines the complex relationship between the self and the digital…

  • Over My Fake Body

    Over My Fake Body

    During my research, I uncovered the extensive digital editing, physical plastic surgery, and extreme workouts and diets undertaken to achieve this idealized appearance. I also discovered the detrimental effects of attaining such standards on one’s self-image, often leading to body dysmorphia and an inability to recognize oneself.  The sculptures I have created represent the tools…