Mirror Mirror (2021)

“Mirror Mirror” (2021) is an immersive video installation that explores the themes of embodiment, self-reflection, mirroring, and the distortion of form that arises from the interplay between the digital realm and reality. Through the use of 3D animation, 3D scanning, and motion capture, this installation examines the complex relationship between the self and the digital world.

The installation features sculptures made from scrap wood, chicken wire, cardboard, paper, wallpaper glue, and white lacquer, which transport viewers into a glitchy digital world or bring the glitched digital world into physical reality.

The 4.30-minute 3D animation video showcases the use of technology to create a  blend between the physical and digital worlds. Through this immersive experience, viewers are invited to explore the intersection of the self and the digital realm, and the transformative potential of this encounter.

Overall, “Mirror Mirror” is an exploration of the human experience, revealing the ways in which our relationship with technology shapes our sense of self and the world around us.